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Saint Catherine of Siena


Lectors have a very important role in the celebration of the Mass.  

Since the Lector proclaims the Word of God, it is essential that he or she develop the skills necessary

to communicate God's Word effectively in the context of the Sacred Liturgy.

The ministry of the Lector calls for a person to grow in knowledge and love for Sacred Scripture, the living word of God.

Likewise, the call to be a Lector is something that demands preparation.

In becoming a Lector, one is accepting the responsibility to practice, to make frequent self-evaluations,

and continually to look for ways to improve one’s ability to communicate the Word of God clearly to the congregation.

Through the Lector’s sacrifice of time, effort, and preparation,

God's living Word continues to be proclaimed to all of His people: the young, the old, the troubled, the joyful,

and those in need of healing and comfort.  

To be a Lector is also a privileged opportunity for one’s own personal growth in friendship with Jesus Christ.

We welcome all newcomers to the ministry of Lector.  Training sessions will be provided periodically. 

For more information, please contact Monica Zúñiga at the Parish Office, at (203) 377-3133, ext. 21.