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The vessel in which the Blessed Sacrament is reserved outside of Mass.  From the Tabernacle, Jesus sees us, hears us, and loves us. 
Because it contains Jesus Himself, the tabernacle is the heart of every Catholic Church.


In some churches, the tabernacle is covered by a colored veil, indicating that Christ in the Eucharist is present within the tabernacle, and also indicating the liturgical feast or season which the Church is then celebrating. 


remind us that the Saints are praying

and interceding for us in Heaven,

just as our friends and family do for us here on earth. We do not pray to the statues, but rather to the person in Heaven whom the statue represents.


The 14 Stations of the Cross in every Catholic church
allow us accompany Christ on His path to His Crucifixion, through which He saved the world.


This is the candle that burns near the tabernacle,
to indicate that Christ in the Eucharist is present within it.


The area just around the altar;
usually placed at a higher level, to bring to mind mountains in Scripture which are places of privileged encounters with God.


An object, usually part of the body or clothes,
remaining as a memorial of a departed saint.  It is customary for relics to be placed in the altar upon which the Mass is celebrated.


The small dish upon which the priest's Host is placed
during the celebration of Mass.


Small square cover placed on the Chalice during Mass. Through the centuries, the pall came to symbolize
the stone which was placed over Christ's tomb.


A vessel which enthrones and exposes the Holy Eucharist
for prayer and adoration by the faithful.


Reminds us of our Baptism, which cleansed us
of the guilt of original sin, making us

adopted children of God and members of His Church.


There is always a crucifix on or near the altar upon which the Eucharist takes place.  Just as Christ carried His cross, so too in the Mass He gives us the strength we need to carry the crosses which come to us in life.


The square piece of linen which is unfolded and placed
on the altar.  The Chalice and the Paten which contain

the bread and wine for the celebration of the Eucharist are placed upon it.


The vessel in which the hosts are kept, which will be consecrated at Mass and will become the Body of Christ.

Following Mass, the Holy Eucharist, the Body of Christ, is kept in a ciborium, and reserved in the tabernacle.


The cup that holds the wine which will soon become
the Precious Blood of Christ.  It should be noble and beautiful, as it is the vessel which holds the price of the world's salvation, the Precious Blood of Christ.


are always used for the celebration of Mass,
to remind us that Jesus is the light of the world.


are used to draw our attention to the coming of Christ at the Mass, and of His real presence in the Holy Eucharist.


The structure upon which the Mass is celebrated;
it recalls the table upon which Jesus celebrated the Last Supper, as well as the Cross upon which He was crucified.

Holy Objects and Vessels