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The Parish of Saint Catherine of Siena
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Saint Catherine of Siena warmly welcomes... anyone who is new to our area, anyone who is searching for the truth, or anyone who is looking for a spiritual home. We are joyfully and faithfully Roman Catholic in belief and practice, - a community of faith, worship, and service -  and with open hearts we invite all our brothers and sisters into a living and saving friendship with the Lord Jesus Christ,  in the communion of His One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church.

"How can we strengthen our hope?

The liturgy of Easter offers some guidance.

It teaches us to remember the works of

God. The readings describe God’s

faithfulness, the history of his love towards

us. The living word of God is able to involve

us in this history of love, nourishing our

hope and renewing our joy. The Gospel also

reminds us of this: in order to kindle hope

in the hearts of the women, the angel tells

them: “Remember what [Jesus] told you”

(v. 6). Remember the words of Jesus,

remember all that he has done in our lives. Let us not forget his words and his works, otherwise we will lose hope and become “hopeless” Christians. Let us instead remember the Lord, his goodness and his life-giving words which have touched us. Let us remember them and make them ours, to be sentinels of the morning who know how to help others see the signs of the Risen Lord."

- Pope Francis